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Push Button Start? (Euro Version)

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Has anyone heard if this button is compatible with the U.S. model Fiesta ST as it definitely works for the Focus. Any ideas?


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I just ordered one through fordpartsUK via email with Trevor, i told him my make and model and he sorted it out for me so hopefully i should get the button soon and i can report back on compatibility etc.
The finished product. Tiny screwdrivers from more than one attack point did the job getting it out. One strong recommendation though, snap the bezel back in the dash and then push the button back into the bezel otherwise the tabs get caught up on the back side of the dash which is a hard plastic. I ordered a Focus as well as a Fiesta button which both say "Power" but the FiST has the 2 characters under the word. Different part numbers but I did not determine if either button would work in the Fiesta. Trevor hooked me up completely with prices, part numbers, etc.
2014 Fiesta ST "Ford Power"Ignition Button (Blue)
Part Number: 1753481
Retail Price: £15.13
You Pay: £13.62 = $22.90

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Nice! I've had the same one for about a month without issue.

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1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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