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Question About Stereo

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Hey gang - long time reader, first time poster.

I'm severely interested in the FiST, but the one thing that bothers me about it is the 100 watt stereo. By no means am I an audiophile, but I like to have a decent sounding system. I currently have a Veloster Turbo with a 450watt Dimension 8 speaker system, and it sounds great. Prior to that I had the 265watt Bose system in my Mazda 3. I've also had a Harmon Kardon system in my MINI. But on the other end, I've had a 160watt standard 6 speaker system in my Honda Fit and thought that sounded great too (again, not an audiophile, but I like what I like).

So, with all that given, how does the Sony system in the FiST sound? My dealer doesn't have one yet, so I haven't been able to take the sound system for a test drive yet. My buddy has a Focus Titanium, and his Sony system has 355watts, and sounds AMAZING. I don't listen to my music all that loudly, but come summer I like to take long drives with the roof open/windows down, and tunes cranked - can this system handle it? I listen to mostly electronic dance music, 80's, and industrial - a lot of bass, but not overwhelming.

Thanks for any info you can pass along, I really like this little car and hope that the sound system will be up to spec!

And yes, I know, I won't be listening to music anyway, only the sound out of that symposer!
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The setup i want is 1all new speakers,sub, amps (1 for bass and 1 for to run the speakers) and a sound processor. I hate the way the stereo equalizes the sound that's why I prefer to Bluetooth music because I can let my phone do the equalization and it's much better.
Upgrading music on my FiST is the last thing on my mind. I bought this car for its race car aspects. All I wanna hear coming out this car is a mean ass growl when I WOT. A fine tuned exhaust will be my music upgrade :)

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Guys, thanks so much for all the input - I'll be checking out the Sony system soon, I'm pretty sure it'll be just what I want!

Thanks again!
I really liked the sound from my 2011 Fiesta SE with the Sync radio, non MFT. It was the first vehicle I've owned that I didn't feel that the audio system was severely lacking. I had previously owned older Audi/VWs that for some reason would never have a speaker larger than 4". I always had added a subwoofer to my cars and the SE didn't seem to need one.

On the SE Sync radio I had it set to driver listening position preset and Rock on the preset EQ. For me that provided the best sound.

A few things about the ST Sony stereo after a few days of using it.

Phone / media player integration seems better than my SE. It just seems to work better with my iPhone.

There are no EQ presets. You need to adjust high/mid/low manually. I find I need to turn the mids/highs down 3 clicks and the bass up 3 to get it to sound close to my old SE.

I can't get it to sound right with the driver seat listen position preset, I just fade right a few clicks.

The only real complaint I have about the system is the Sirius audio quality. I didn't realize that the compression Sirius uses is so high. The highs just seem wrong and I can't use it. I won't be renewing the subscription. This isn't a fault of the radio though, just what it is being fed.

Overall it is a great radio. I think the adjustments will let you dial in the sound the way you like. Short of adding a sub if you want mega bass and I can't see justifying the weight, space, and electrical drain penalty.
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