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question for those who got recaros and those who didn't

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Hi everyone! Im currently considering a fiesta st and while i was skeptical about all of the reviews i must say that the car more than lived up to the hype... its so good and just PULLS!

anyway, im trying to decide if i need the recaros... unfortunately there are no st's in my area that have them so i cant check them out in person.

Ive read enough on here to know that the recaros will break in and become very comfortable but the one thing i havent seen people address is if the heavy bolstering will wrinkle your clothes if you are wearing a shirt that is a little loose... that would be super annoyingly to me and probably a deal breaker

The other thing im wondering is if those of you who didnt get the recaros regret that decision and also if any of you have found a way to not slide around like a race harness or something else

Cliff notes:

If you have recaros do they wrinkle your clothes because of the bolstering?

If you dont have recaros do you regret not getting them?
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I had the Recaros in my Focus ST (and didn't get them in my Fiesta ST because my husband didn't like the tight fit). I do just fine throwing the car hard into turns with the base seats without moving around. I don't miss them terribly much, but on my next car, the husband will just have to deal with them since I would definitely get them again. I never had any problems with wrinkling with them in my Focus ST.
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