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question for those who got recaros and those who didn't

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Hi everyone! Im currently considering a fiesta st and while i was skeptical about all of the reviews i must say that the car more than lived up to the hype... its so good and just PULLS!

anyway, im trying to decide if i need the recaros... unfortunately there are no st's in my area that have them so i cant check them out in person.

Ive read enough on here to know that the recaros will break in and become very comfortable but the one thing i havent seen people address is if the heavy bolstering will wrinkle your clothes if you are wearing a shirt that is a little loose... that would be super annoyingly to me and probably a deal breaker

The other thing im wondering is if those of you who didnt get the recaros regret that decision and also if any of you have found a way to not slide around like a race harness or something else

Cliff notes:

If you have recaros do they wrinkle your clothes because of the bolstering?

If you dont have recaros do you regret not getting them?
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I wish I had the recaros, but my budget wouldn't allow it.
I have the base seats and I like them just fine, use the car for long trips and track use, one thing I will say as a bigger guy is that I had to purchase 5 point harnesses to keep me from being thrown around too much in the car when autocrossing, but honestly the seats aren't too blame as much for the grip (and the driver area being a bit confined). Either way you go you can't go wrong, and you can always buy a set of upgraded seats and put them in (probably for a lot less than the factory seats).
How do you have the harness anchored? I have very little experience with harnesses. Sorry if it's a dumb question. I'm just not familiar with them.
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