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Question for those with cloth seats...

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How do you like them for daily driving? Are you satisfied or do you wish you had gotten Recaros?
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No regrets here. Plain but comfortable. Like I said in another thread, I do have to recline a notch or two further back in this car to keep my back from hurting. I tend to sit pretty upright though. There is very little thigh support for cornering, but the torso support is ok.

My last car had "sport seats" that had good thigh and poor torso support. I prefer the base Fiesta seat for sporty driving; I can brace my leg against the door, good luck bracing your ribs against anything.:)
How far back do the seats recline? Forgot to check that on my test drive. Sometimes I like taking cat naps in my car between work shifts :)

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...Like I said in another thread, I do have to recline a notch or two further back in this car to keep my back from hurting....
In case you hadn't noticed, there is a lever on the inside edge of the seat-back that engages lumbar support inside the seat. Helps a lot.
Ah ok thanks for your feedback!

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The seats are hard and you can slide around in them somewhat during hard driving. For someone like me 250# and 6'4" they are easier to get in and out of and are not as tight on me as the Recaros. They are very good for everyday driving.
Well im only 160lbs a stick figure lol sounds like ill be sliding...

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I think the cloths aren't that bad. Its my first car so everything about the car is automatically amazing, but on the one longish drive I did do it was not that comfortable. I do miss heated seats though. I've yet to do any fast driving where I would slide around alot so I couldn't tell you much in that regard.
I'm satisfied with them ! Anyway I didn't have the extra 2 grand for Recaro's
I think that they're comfortable and support me just fine while having some fun on back roads, I'm also only 160 and 5'8" and I'm not sliding.. I test drove a FiST with the recaros and they are nice, but I could see them getting annoying after a while and I know some of my friends I drive around wouldn't have fit very well in the passenger seat, not that that is very important because it's my car, but I did take that into account. and like Flaco1 said, I also didn't have the $2,000 for the recaros

With all the equipment the car comes with and considering this is my ideal automobile otherwise, I'm satisfied with the normal seats and no regrets, it still puts a smile on my face whenever I drive around
the base ST seats in my 2014 Fiesta ST are fine for daily driving just like the seats in my 2011 Fiesta SES only the 2014 Fiesta seats have lumbar and the head restraint are adjust for tilt so they don't lean as far forward as those in the 2011 Fiesta. wearing a helmet in the 2014 seats is nicer than the 2011 seats because the 2014 head restraint does not push your head forward when they are in the upright position.
We get recaro cloth seats here and they are ultra comfy for me. Never had a car with leather so can't really comment regarding the material.

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I like the standard seats. I do a lot more commuting in my Fiesta that sporty driving, and that alone was my main reason for not opting for the Recaros. The seats a supportive enough for my liking. I also use a CG-Lock. If you haven't heard of those, google it and buy one. It's the best $40.00 I've ever spent. My only regret with not getting the Recaro seats is that once my daughter becomes a toddler and can face forward in her car seat my intention is to get her a Recaro child seat, and it would have been pretty bad ass if they matched....
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