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Quick question about break-in period

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I went to look at a Fiesta ST today. 2015 Black, base. No recarros (not sure if I like that)...

The car has 197 miles, I got to wondering... the dealership/the test drivers have probably been getting onto it a little during test drives...

Is this something to even worry about? If I buy this car and continue w/ the recommended break in procedures... it should be good to go right?
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My car had around 125 when I bought it. Took it to 130mph the first night and it still pulls strong. The "break in" procedure in the owners book is "vary RPM for the first 1000 miles." These are modern engines manufactured out of modern materials with modern machines and tolerances. They don't need to be babied so they can run off the rough spots or slight missizings that older cars had to.
I did engine brake back down from 130 and it already had a day of on and off driving lots of hard pulls and engine braking to cool things off. I'm very happy with it.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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