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Quick question about break-in period

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I went to look at a Fiesta ST today. 2015 Black, base. No recarros (not sure if I like that)...

The car has 197 miles, I got to wondering... the dealership/the test drivers have probably been getting onto it a little during test drives...

Is this something to even worry about? If I buy this car and continue w/ the recommended break in procedures... it should be good to go right?
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Nice, OP. I agree with trying to find one with the lowest miles. Peace of mind more than anything. Mine had 8 miles on it before I test drove it. It had 28 miles on it when I left off the lot with it. =D
I dropped my oil at 105 miles, 600 miles, 1k and 3k. Went full synth(5w-30) at 5k miles. Car feels great. I varied my RPMs for the first 1k miles accelerating and engine braking the entire did get a little old. I was sure to allow a FULL cooldown between each use of the engine.
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