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Quick question about break-in period

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I went to look at a Fiesta ST today. 2015 Black, base. No recarros (not sure if I like that)...

The car has 197 miles, I got to wondering... the dealership/the test drivers have probably been getting onto it a little during test drives...

Is this something to even worry about? If I buy this car and continue w/ the recommended break in procedures... it should be good to go right?
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Thanks for the speedy replies :)

The more I read on the recarros I'm torn...

I'm 6ft 235 lb I'm not sure how well they would fit me anyway...2015 mustang reactors were kinda tight.

I'm almost sure I'm getting this thing tomorrow...I need a reliable daily to replace my accord. Pretty pumped!
Great info guys, thank you!

I went to a different dealership, tried out a molten orange recarro car. I could tolerate the seats but I definitely was not in love with them. My GF didn't like them very much. I had a hard time finding a comfy seat position.

I think I will be perfectly happy with stock seats, this is gonna be my fun daily driver/road trip car.

I loved that molten orange, but I'm going back to the dealership in town tomorrow to talk $$ for the black non-recarro car.
I skipped the recaros because a rear facing baby seat won't fit with them, so if a kid is in your future keep that in mind.
Thanks for the heads up.

I just left the local Ford dealer. I didn't want that Black one with 190+ miles. There is a blue one (I like it!) a few hours away with about 40 miles.

My dealership is going to give me a good value for my trade in (2001 Honda Accord) ... they are giving 2k which is more than fair considering the shape it's in.

They are swapping the black one for the blue one and giving me a pretty nice deal.

Out the door I'm looking at 19.6k, base model, no options at all. Pretty much exactly what I wanted after I read about the various options I was looking at (moonroof / nav / recaro).

Can't freaking wait!
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Picked up the car it had 280 miles on it...not bad

It came from GA. I was fine with mileage from delivery...much better than test drives I think. I had oil changed at 280 miles, drove to Birmingham today, I'm at 500ish miles now.

I'm following a break in guide found on a diff forum. Not above 3200rpm varying rpm.

Gonna follow this guide to 1k miles and get another oil change.

The car is really fun for such a low price... I love it.
Mine had 250 miles when we picked it up. I beat on it pretty good and changed the oil at 1100 miles. Sent the oil in to blackstone for analysis and everything looked great.
Sweet! I'm at almost 700 miles now. Have been taking it easy except for the 4th gear pull thing mentioned in the ST break in thread I'm following.

I don't have a jack or ramps, going to have to use the dealer for my 1k change. Wonder if they would get me a sample of the oil so I could send it in...
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