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I happened to come across these ramps by accident and ended up getting them from Amazon. They allow very quick set-up and access to the underside of the car for oil changes, inspections and installing parts.

These are available in a slightly shorter one piece style but I opted for the two pieces per side which allows easier storage and transportation. The shallower angle of the longer piece also allows it to be used with lower stance cars.

I am pretty happy about it, it's lightweight, does what its supposed to do and help me save some money with oil changes and keep an eye on things. Pictures with dimensions are shown below.

Remember to always use wheel chocks and set the hand brake and leave the car in gear.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hatchback

Red Automotive tire Tire Yellow Iron

Yellow Asphalt Font Road surface Road

Land vehicle Vehicle Alloy wheel Car Tire
Tire Automotive tire Automotive exterior Bumper Yellow
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