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Rally Armor Mud Flap Interest Thread

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If you would be interested in a Fiesta ST-specific set of Rally Armor Mud Flaps, please post in this thread.

If we can drum up enough interest, I will contact Rally Armor directly about creating a custom kit for the Fiesta ST.


Interested Parties:
1. WRC Fan
2. xorpheous
3. Fiat slayer
4. aborbs87
5. Mayhem
7. Steve
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Prefer not to have to cut into some to make them fit.
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Interested. They are a must for the winters here.
Rallyarmor has universal mud flaps that might work
Rallyarmor has universal mud flaps that might work
Yep, am aware of that. I'd rather have a kit engineered for the particular vehicle.
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Bump..... to maybe draw more attention from some of the newer members/owners...

Would still like to see this happen.
Hi Im new and I want Mud Flaps on my future Silver ST!
This intrest's me greatly so when can we order. Lol
I'm so down for some flappies!

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If they are black I'm in ..
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