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Randy Pobst: Fiesta ST

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Has anyone seen a video or read anything about Randy Pobst doing a drive or review in the FiST? There's a LOT out there on the Focus ST, and he's a big fan.

I know that Tanner Foust is practically the Ford spokesman, and I think he's great (and I know it's his car as our forum "mascot"!). It's just that I've been watching Randy for years. There's nobody like him -- he's smart, funny, and an amazing driver. I liked the Focus ST video with Randy and Carlos Lago (also a good guy, and I prefer his reviews on almost anything automotive). Those are my two favorite MT guys.

As a funny aside, the very first time I saw Randy was at a time trial day at Streets of Willow. It was officially a Porsche Owners Club meet, but they let us non-Porsche guys run in the "Exhibition class". I was having fun beating wholesale Porsche butt when a SUPER FAST guy blew past me in an Audi A8. This was 1997 or so, and that wasn't a fast car. I later learned it was Randy. It's said that he could drive a table fast. :)
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It's stunningly funny to read youtube armchair quarterbacks bag on Randy's driving. If you know what to look for, you don't need a stopwatch to know he drives everything like stink and zero effs are given.
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