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Randy Pobst: Fiesta ST

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Has anyone seen a video or read anything about Randy Pobst doing a drive or review in the FiST? There's a LOT out there on the Focus ST, and he's a big fan.

I know that Tanner Foust is practically the Ford spokesman, and I think he's great (and I know it's his car as our forum "mascot"!). It's just that I've been watching Randy for years. There's nobody like him -- he's smart, funny, and an amazing driver. I liked the Focus ST video with Randy and Carlos Lago (also a good guy, and I prefer his reviews on almost anything automotive). Those are my two favorite MT guys.

As a funny aside, the very first time I saw Randy was at a time trial day at Streets of Willow. It was officially a Porsche Owners Club meet, but they let us non-Porsche guys run in the "Exhibition class". I was having fun beating wholesale Porsche butt when a SUPER FAST guy blew past me in an Audi A8. This was 1997 or so, and that wasn't a fast car. I later learned it was Randy. It's said that he could drive a table fast. :)
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Yea, watching him in all those world speed challenge cars over the years, having him as a driver was basically cheating... Lots of really bad ass drives in that series though, I miss it... Ron Fellows was bad ass too in the caddy's ( even though I disliked the caddy team ).

I am mad at myself for missing all the RS6 audi races. I came into WSC right as the Audi exited. I started watching it because I saw an article on the rs6 race car and thought "twin turbo v8, awd, 6speed, what's not to love". Sucks the benz e55 and M5 didn't get in on that.

Also sucks they black balled the srt4 in the touring car class. Not its fault its blindingly faster than all the other fwd cars on the track, lol.

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Anyone know where to source old wsc races ? I'd pay to watch old interga type-Rs and audi rs6 race cars.

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