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Recaro package (Rear seat leather)

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So, I was more just curious if this is common throughout the ST's or if it was just me...

I noticed in the back seat, where the belt comes up through the seats... The leather on one side is nice and snug... while the leather on the other side is bunching up and pinching... kind of like... how jeans bunch up into a nub in the crotch area when you sit own.. (Sorry) but that's the best I could come up with. haha.

Anyway yeah... Should the leather in this area be a fairly snug fit? or are other people getting the weird seemingly.... excess leather bunching up?

Too tired to go snap a pic later, but I'll throw one up when I get a chance if I haven't painted a clear enough image.

It doesn't look damaged.. Just looks a bit deformed... Manufacturing quality control issues?
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You should be more concerned about that stain you have in the grey lol
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