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Received my Cobb/FSWERKS Accessport v3!

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The good people at FSWERKS delivered my AccessPort last night. Oddly, it was raining in LA -- so this will have to wait until I get home later today to play.

I also sprung for the ITG panel filter. At $64.95, it's about 2x the cost of a K&N, but I like that it's essentially a durable foam filter. I don't plan to test them independently, but I can see this just being a stop-gap until I decide on a full cold air intake system of some kind (the FSWERKS one looks good and has 2.5" piping throughout). A quick read of the instruction sheet marks this as a very British product (and presumably has lots of street/race miles in that market under the brand, for this model). Their claim is that you can essentially install and forget it (knock of the big stuff and vacuum it as needed). I noticed that a cleaning and oil kit is out available, but I didn't get it (I'll probably replace it with a new system by the time I need to clean it).

These AccessPorts are going like hotcakes. It appears that this single unit services both the Focus and Fiesta ST, so that may explain why they're in short supply right now (I was # 10 of 10 according to Randy).

I only have the base map to play with, but that's fine by me. I'm looking forward to a new custom map from FSWERKS, and frankly was the reason I bought the Cobb AccessPort from them. The SOCAL Cobb shop isn't too far from my home, but I probably won't have much occasion to go there (maybe a dyno run or two?).

It feels like most people here already have this setup, but I'll be at the Irvine meet-and-greet on the 28th if anyone wants to check it out.
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Joe you Rock! Cant wait to receive my AP. How you like 1st gear compares to stock?

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I like the extended rev limit. No more throttle cutting early
Thats very Nawce...

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I havnt tried 93 map and probably wont cause im Kinda afraid to after hearing your testimonies. Dont wanna fudge my engine.
91 seems stable enough for me with 93 octane.
Mcrib does your engine feel like it vibrates a bit more after the tune?
When running the vehicle health report is it ok to leave the tune or revert to stock?

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Whats the highest your oil temp has gone? Mine reached 200 the other nite with sone agressive spirited driving.

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You shouldve logged it and sent it to Cobb for evaluation.

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