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Replacement plastic

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Anyone know where I might be able to find the following piece of plastic as a replacement? I guess you would call it trim, or a bezel.

This piece here: (Though the one shown in this diagram is of a different model *2011-2012, not sure if it will fit 2014 ST*)

Also, if any one has any idea of how to remove and replace the existing one, that would be super helpful :D!
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Just order the same part for the ST.

When I search for that part, I'm given a huge list of parts :confused: ... How the heck do I know which one to order?

Part NumberPart DescriptionPriceYour PriceAvailabilityQuantity

Full Floor Console With Armrest ; With Automatic Air Conditioning, ST Version
$175.33 Add to cart

OH DUH!, perhaps I should have read the list first. The first one says "Full Floor Console With Armrest ; With Automatic Air Conditioning, ST Version"

Anyone have any ideas as to where I may be able to find this part a tad cheaper?

Try Tasca.

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1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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