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Replacement plastic

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Anyone know where I might be able to find the following piece of plastic as a replacement? I guess you would call it trim, or a bezel.

This piece here: (Though the one shown in this diagram is of a different model *2011-2012, not sure if it will fit 2014 ST*)

Also, if any one has any idea of how to remove and replace the existing one, that would be super helpful :D!
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Any update on this? Almost a year later... But would be nice to know what the part number is and how much and what actually comes with it.
The question was answered a long time ago. 18498.

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That looks like a Europe part though. The transmission bezel is not the same as the North America model.
No, it comes from It is the NA model.

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Ok. Just the image is throwing me off then because it has a pic of the bezel.

Was also wondering if Level42 got it
That's because it's all one piece.

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Yea. I've taken that pice off a couple times now.
It's this pic that's throwing me off with part# 7E391

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I can get you guys whatever you want, if you want a direct replacement just shoot me your VIN, if you want something different just snag a VIN off Ebay motors from a car with the part you want.


Can you get the little white clips that hold the trim on?
I've had those pop off and fall into the innards of the car twice now, but have managed to fish them back out. Did you lose some, or break some?
I've looked everywhere and can't find the one I lost. I heard it clink down under the carpet I think... I did find a small price of it that flew off so I'm guessing it's broken. So even if I found it it's probably no good.

I'm so mad because the first time I did it, nothing broke, second time I was rushing and broke it, I scratched the trim and it doesn't fit on properly anymore.
Sorry to hear - odd that it doesn't fit properly now. Is that because you are down one clip (easily fixable)?
Yea I'm guessing that's what it is... I may pull it off again and see if I can get it to sit any better but I'm afraid to pull it off for a 3rd time without spare clips lol
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