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Reputable/Good Detailers in South Texas?

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My FiST already has rock chips, and a keying near the gas door. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with any detailers in South Texas I can take my FiST to to get the paint touched up and maybe protected a little better is all. This is my attempt at not losing hope of keeping my car nice because in the month I have had it and it has had paper plates it has already had gum tracked in it, damage to the wheels, rock chips on the hood, the word "fuk" lovingly keyed into it and last but not least been rear ended gingerly in a parking lot leaving my bumper cover nice and wrinkled (it's been reported and hopefully it'll be fixed). I have decided to name this car "Curse." It's all cosmetic and I feel the need to find a good detailer to help me fix some of this -_-
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The bumper should be fixed by the other person's insurance. The wheel I will have fixed by a separate shop. I was just complaining Hah. Thank you though.
Huh I didn't think about that. Thanks I will do that.
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So I finally got my Fiesta repaired. I had to do an uninsured motorist claim but it's fixed now and looks great. I want to get it cleaned up and protected before anything else happens to it. DreamDetail you said you were going to see if there was anyone in my area?
Yes! I am actually in San Antonio but was willing to travel for a good job on good recommendation so I posted up South Texas. I will be giving them a call in a few weeks once my finances settle down (ticket + deducible + car payment blech!)
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