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Reversing camera?

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It's getting close to delivery time now, and already time to start thinking about upgrades. While the Mountune stuff is appealing (and might happen eventually) my ST is probably not going to spend tons of time on the track.

I was looking into adding a reversing camera - does anyone have any experience or opinions of the NavTV module, which apparently would allow the stock MyFord Touch screen to display a camera...

Thoughts? $500 seems like a lot.
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How about a dashcam with a forward and rear camera? Get one with a screen and you can see the rear camera. It's not integrated and the screen isn't real big on most of them, but it has the double feature of recording if you want to record your drive or keep a video record in case someone wrecks into you, and you can use it to record stupid drivers as well or see what the dealership is doing with your car. I saw a video where a guy took his car to the dealership for a yellowing clear bra. The tech got in the car and called him a ******* idiot and drove it into the back lot. About an hour later they drove it back out to him. Never even looked at the car...

I'm looking into a dashcam for my car and this one looks pretty decent with a small footprint.

As I said, the screen is smaller and it's not integrated to the car, but it's also a lot cheaper option.
This is really sad with these so common and so many of us wanting them that Ford completely missed the boat on having this as an accessory. It should have been engineered in from Ford at the very least as an after sales accessory
From what I hear it's going to be a mandatory thing here pretty soon so we will probably see it as a standard feature on the next gen Fiesta at the very latest. The main reason I wouldn't want a reverse camera is because it comes with those ugly bumper sensors. I don't want ugly bumper sensors. A better hidden placement of the camera would be good too. I don't really care for the current placement of the ones on the Fiesta Titaniums. But that's just me being picky.
1 - 2 of 65 Posts
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