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SCCA Autocross setup thread

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I thought I'd start a thread specifically to discuss autocross setup for the Fiesta ST for next years Street class (probably G Street). This way we can share our learnings on wheels, tires, shocks, sway bars and alignment.
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a 215/40-17 should work. I had 215/40-17 Dunlop Direzza Z1* tires on my Fiesta with 17x7 SVT Focus wheels and they only rubbed when I installed the Ford Racing Bilstein autocross coilover kit and had it set too low. The front tires rubbed inside the wheel lining at full lock under heavy braking. They were fine after I raised it up a bit. So... there are 4 tires in that size. Dunlop Direzza ZII. Yokohama AD08/AD08 R and Falken RT-615K.
the front camber is adjustable via loosen the nuts and push on the struts to take advantage of inherent manufacturing tolerances. loosen the three nuts on top of the struts and push the strut top all the way inboard and back to get the most positive caster. loosen the two nuts on the bottom of the struts and push the strut above the knuckle to get the most negative camber.
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I know this is not a setup question, but I wonder if anyone has tried to get 4 wheels/tires into the hatch (with the seats flipped down) so you could swap wheels at the track?
I was able to fit 4 16x7 wheels with 205/45-16 tires on the rear seats plus 4 unmounted 195/45-16 tires in the hatch.
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Since I've been sliding around way too much in the base seats, I decided it was time for something new. Enter the Schroth Racing Rallye 4

Nice! I'm considering the Rallye 3 after talking to Schroth. They said the Rallye 3 worked in a Fiesta.
Did you have to unbolt the front seat to reach the bolt for the lap buckle?
I didn't install mine myself (thanks HMS Motorsport!) but they did tell me to get at the bolt near the center console you need to unbolt the seat but not remove it entirely. Apparently to get to the one closest to the door, you can just slide the seat to access it.
ah OK. if you don't mind can you post a photo of where the shoulder harnesses are attached to the rear seat belt bolts? Thanks!
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