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SEMA 2013: COBB Tuning/Tanner Foust Racing Fiesta ST

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COBB Tuning, Tanner Foust Racing gives salute to U.S. military with Fiesta ST

  • LGE*CTS Motorsports custom digital camouflage paint and carbon hood from Ice Nine Group
  • Interior has COBB Tuning/Tanner Foust Racing shift knob, embroidered floor mats and headrests
  • KICKER audio system

Stand and salute the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST, which has been transformed into a tribute to the U.S. armed forces in a partnership that includes COBB Tuning and Tanner Foust Racing, toraise awareness for the Pat Tillman Foundation.

COBB Tuning led the build on the vehicle, which is covered in an urban military digital camouflage and packed with custom powertrain modifications including a full three-inch turboexhaust and cold air intake.

The decision to create a military-inspired Fiesta is part of COBB Tuning’s continued support of U.S. military personnel and the Pat Tillman Foundation, which provides resources andeducational scholarship support for veterans, active service members and their spouses.

This COBB Tuning/Tanner Foust Racing Fiesta ST will tour military bases throughout 2014 following the SEMA show.
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Another nice Hood :)
There it is.. :)
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I'm not normally a fan of flash, but I've got to say that is one eeeeeeevil build! Nice!
First build is perfect imo. The lighter orange matches better than the orange in the new build. Also looks like you guys updated the headlights to the USDM lights. Would've looked wicked if you guys had the old headlights along with the all black front (w/o front lip).
I like the updated renderings much more clean :) nice work
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