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Ice Nine Group creates rally race ready Fiesta ST

  • Ice Nine Group designed fender flares; carbon- fiber hood; rear wing; moonroof plug with room vent; and carbon-fiber quarter window plugs with duct vents for added cooling in the cabin
  • W2 Graphic Specialists provided full vinyl wrap and special window tinting
  • 17-inch BRAID wheels with Falken Azenis RT615K tires (215/40/R17)

The Ice Nine Group has turned the Fiesta ST into a vehicle that is could be the ultimate weapon for any choice of roadway.

The inspiration for the modified Fiesta ST was to create a full-on race car for alternative forms motorsports, according to Keith Strong, president of Ice Nine Group.

Working with rally racing driver Tim O’Neil, the team created a vehicle that has a road racing and global rally flavor.

Ice Nine Group was also able to use a number of new custom carbon fiber products for the body to help create a beautiful vehicle suited for paved or gravel roads.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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