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SEMA 2013: Ice Nine Group Fiesta ST

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Ice Nine Group creates rally race ready Fiesta ST

  • Ice Nine Group designed fender flares; carbon- fiber hood; rear wing; moonroof plug with room vent; and carbon-fiber quarter window plugs with duct vents for added cooling in the cabin
  • W2 Graphic Specialists provided full vinyl wrap and special window tinting
  • 17-inch BRAID wheels with Falken Azenis RT615K tires (215/40/R17)

The Ice Nine Group has turned the Fiesta ST into a vehicle that is could be the ultimate weapon for any choice of roadway.

The inspiration for the modified Fiesta ST was to create a full-on race car for alternative forms motorsports, according to Keith Strong, president of Ice Nine Group.

Working with rally racing driver Tim O’Neil, the team created a vehicle that has a road racing and global rally flavor.

Ice Nine Group was also able to use a number of new custom carbon fiber products for the body to help create a beautiful vehicle suited for paved or gravel roads.
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Like'n that Hood !!
Nice! Love the Braids!
I want to see real pictures. I feel like these renders don't do it justice. Its wing looks very odd.
I want that hood or its brother.... lighter is better :)
The lights tucked in the grill is unique and interesting.
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Gimme the grill, maybe the flares. The rest, not so much.Though the wing might be interesting, would need to see other angles.
all im interested in are some flares! lol lets see the real deal :mischievous:
i think all people want flare . the first who make take my money
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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