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Shopping a Fiesta ST, which year is best?

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I have been looking to replace my 335i with a fiesta ST (need more doors, bought a house) and I found a 2015 local for a good price. It has recaros and no sunroof which is really hard to find. But I came across the thread about the clutch issues, and I noticed a thread about coolant burning off as well. Should I look at a 2015 year model? Is it known when the clutch issue was resolved as far as build date? This car has 16k miles on it.

Also there is a 2017 brand new somewhat local, with recaros and no sunroof as well, but obviously its $22k or so(the 2015 is around $15k) that's why I was looking at the 2015. Can I tell by the build date whether the clutch will be an issue? Is it worth it to just by the 2017 because of the issues with the 2015's? I had a 2013 STI and went through the 2 month fight with Subaru when my rod bearing went out at 13k miles. It seems like the same story as the trans issues, they deny the claim saying it's abuse, you say it's their fault the car is brand new, etc etc. I had to end up calling SOA execs to have it covered under "goodwill" (meaning they never accepted fault). It was a giant PITA and I do not wish to repeat that crap.

This car will be my daily driver.


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