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This is a pretty easy mod, you can do it without taking out the console but a bit tight, take it out and then super easy.

There is enough cable length to allow this without binding them, I have not done mine yet but have done other cars and loved the results.

IT DOES NOT change the shift through, if you want an SS it will not effect it, does not cost much and does not weigh much.

1) unbolt shifter from tunnel
2) unbolt sensor in front of shifter from tunnel
3) install longer bolts in sensor mount holes with spacers to raise it out of the way for the shifter cables
4) flip the shifter nuts over or use none washer type simpler nuts, install to leave 6mm or so thread on the factory studs
5) install M6x1.0 coupling nuts, tighten to the stock or simpler nuts
6) install shifter, bolt down with some short M6 bolts

Approx height gain is 25.4mm, 1 inch

Option 1) use spacers and longer bolts to raise shifter higher up, I would not go real high but 2" should be fine, perhaps higher.

Option 2) the shifter mount is in two parts so we can raise it a bit from both possibly and the top section has rubber isolators I will look into, if not to much added vibration into the shifter I might make some solid bushings and raise it up a well.

I am going to do this to my car and will see what I can do to make this as easy and low cost as possible in case any of my fellow enthusiasts want to do the same

If you have ever driven a car at speed where you needed to shift a bunch you would want this mod.......


I plan on building my own SS kit, not for sale, making it as short a throw as I can, adding a longer shift knob or lengthening the steel lever by cutting and welding then raising the whole shifter, the closer it is the the steering wheel the better.

Have a great day


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At the lower height it will look stock, at a higher height we will have to watch out for it being to tight and or a bump showing up a bit from the cable connector. I will not know until I do this mod, I will sort it out as I go and my intention is a tall as possible.

I have had issues on other vehicles because of things in the way, like CD port for the stereo, this looks like nothing will be in the way:)

I might angle it back a bit to bring the shifter closer to me, inline with the steering wheel but a bit forward of it for the best ergonomics for keeping my hands on the wheel and grabbing the shifter, only to shift as accurately as I can.

If I end up sectioning the shift arm, adding to the length, I will make sure it is as aligned at the best steering wheel location that fits me on track and best on the the street, might have to compromise a bit but it will be far better than stock.

(I am looking seriously at the gas pedal location change, there is a part available but I prefer DIY when I can, I want the best I can do as will be driving a very quick, quite modified street/track ST all out at many places I have never been before)

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or... you could get the COBB shift knob. It is taller than the OE shift knob.
Factory Knob Height: 1.95", COBB Knob: 2.65"

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I did not realize the Cobb Knob was taller, thanks:)

I am going to see if I can find a threaded insert to make the Hardbar knob I have fit the ST, it is taller than the Cobb but making it work right with the reverse lockout might not be something I can do well enough to look good and function properly.

I am still going to raise the mount as just raising the height of the knob has other issues.

1) it will increase the throw
2) still not high enough for my preference

I will do all three, taller knob, raised shifter mount and my own SS kit which I can make a bit shorter than others offered to make up for the taller shift knob to get the throw just where I want it.

One more option I am looking at, very easy for me, shortening the side to side action just a little, cut, section, weld, the lever at the trans.

I pulled the trans yesterday, all apart now, Quaife LSD and Ring gear bolted up, bearings pulled off the stock diff and pressed on. I just need to find a way to secure it to torque the bolts properly and then install and test the back lash.....I had the trans out and apart and to that point in around 4.5 hours, getting one bearing off took quite a while as not barely any lip to hook onto and pull if off.
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