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Like most of you I'm sure, I'd been following the development of the new Fiesta since it was teased at the NA auto shows. But with already having a car I figured buying one wouldn't be in the cards for a couple of years. At least until the wife and I found new jobs or a more permanent location. Sure I'd stopped and looked at a few when they first started hitting the dealer lots around Central PA, but I focused on my current Focus (hur-hur) and left the rest to daydreams.

Then one day in late October 2010, the wife and I were on our way back from shopping and we drove by the local Ford dealer in Hershey. I see a Yellow Blaze and comment that I hadn't seen that color in person yet. Wife says we should stop and take a look. I take it as a joke and keep driving (she does like to tease me about cars
) until she says no, seriously, I want to see one of the Fiestas. So I say to myself; who am I to contend with the missus when she makes such a convincing argument?

Long story short, we both loved it. Everything either of us wanted in a new car. We took it for a test drive that day and took ownership just 4 days after first setting eyes on it. So, we brought home a new baby sibling for Recall (the Focus). 10 years younger, but just as bright, and just as much fun to drive.

Wife has taken to calling this one 'Mango'.
2011 Ford Fiesta SES hatchback in Yellow Blaze Tri-coat Metallic. 5-spd, SYNC, black leather interior, heated seats; loaded.

Fast forward to the start of 2016....
I've passed 5 years of ownership on the car and the 100k mile mark.

I started working on building what would be known as an OEM+ car - which is taking as many available Ford catalog parts and building the Fiesta that you feel Ford SHOULD have released in the first place. Co-incidentally, that also aligned pretty damn well the spec for the Fiesta Zetec-S trim level sold in Europe. So, being the Euro-nut that I am - that's what I'm going with :)

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Current Modifications:

ECS Tuning shorty antenna
Ford Accessories rear mud flaps
Ford Accessories front mud flaps
Dectan E-Spec LED taillights
Euro rear bumper (w/working rear fog lights)
Matte black front grill decal
Euro sport rear wing
Mountune spoiler extensions
Dual rally stripe
2014+ Fiesta Titanium wheels

4-point harness for auto-x
COSDEVSVT harness bar
TCS kill switch
Rear fog light switch
Fiesta ST steering wheel
Fiesta ST black interior pillar trim
2014+ Fiesta bright silver door handle trim
2014+ Fiesta bright silver gauge surround
2014+ Fiesta bright silver dash vent trim
2014+ Fiesta bright silver shifter/ HVAC surround
2014+ Fiesta bright silver wheel trim
Radio surround painted bright silver
Euro-style rear headrests
Ford Accessories leather 5-speed shift knob


Fiesta ST air intake box

Suspension/ Brakes:
Lapp Racing rear disc conversion kit
Fiesta ST front calipers (early 2014)
Fiesta ST rear calipers
Fiesta ST rear shocks
Fiesta ST rear springs
Fiesta ST front strut assemblies
Fiesta ST front springs
Slotted front and rear rotors
Mountune Fiesta ST RS-R brake pads
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