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So my hopes and dreams were crushed yesterday

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I stopped at Ford on the way home from work to see when I can turn my 2011 Fiesta in (lease ends in June) to get an ST. He said I can trade it in now without having to pay the 5,000 miles I'm already over. So we go to talk about what the pricing would be. I told him exactly what I wanted, and he told me since my car is negative equity (no idea what that means) the better option would be to buy an ST. So he gives me a price of $370 a month. I'm like whoa that is amazing. I was expecting it to be like $600. He walks away and comes back and all of a sudden it goes from $370 to buy to $490 to lease for 72 months. I can barely afford that price, I'd be broke (with stupid school loans, otherwise I'd be able to do it) and there is no way I'm being in a lease for 6 years. So I don't know what to do now :(
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Are you sure they said you wouldn't have to pay for the milage overage? 5000 seem like a lot for them to just eat. Maybe they meant that you wouldn't have to write them a check for the overage and that they would just roll it into your next loan. That's what they did for me. The value of my car was $400 less than what I owed, so they added that $400 to my next lease.

$490 seems like a lot. Does the car have all options? I priced one out, using Ford credit and the payment comes out to $396 for 72 mos @ 1.9%

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