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So my hopes and dreams were crushed yesterday

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I stopped at Ford on the way home from work to see when I can turn my 2011 Fiesta in (lease ends in June) to get an ST. He said I can trade it in now without having to pay the 5,000 miles I'm already over. So we go to talk about what the pricing would be. I told him exactly what I wanted, and he told me since my car is negative equity (no idea what that means) the better option would be to buy an ST. So he gives me a price of $370 a month. I'm like whoa that is amazing. I was expecting it to be like $600. He walks away and comes back and all of a sudden it goes from $370 to buy to $490 to lease for 72 months. I can barely afford that price, I'd be broke (with stupid school loans, otherwise I'd be able to do it) and there is no way I'm being in a lease for 6 years. So I don't know what to do now :(
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Don't forget to add in $$$ for snow tires!
The tire rack has snow tires for the FiST. I'll most likely just order from them and have them mounted locally, or ideally, get them shipped already mounted on some steelies.
Have you ever ordered tires before? Shipping isn't that bad. And tire rack is just over in Indiana. You could make a quick day trip of it!

They will have a bigger selection than any tire shop locally. They have recommended installers all over the country. I believe they're a forum sponsor too! Obviously I like the tire rack a bit :)
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Oh wow shipping is only $50 and you can ship it to a tire place to put them on for you

I happen to drive by there almost weekly for work. I'll prob just stop in and pick up mine when it's time.
Do they put the tires on there too, or just sell them?
That's a good question! I know they will mount tires on rims and I'm 97% sure they will install at their facility. I'd call first to make sure/check stock/ make an appointment if needed.
[quote="mcummings182, post: 3084, member: And the Bridgestone Blizzak tires are perfect for snow and ice.[/quote]
Blizzaks made me a snow tire convert!
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