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So this is happening...

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Looks like with the 2015 model year, Ford may be bringing to market a new RS version of the ST with even more performance goodies. The price point seems significant though, hopefully when they come out that price will drop so that those of us who want to make the jump up to the RS do not need to use a spare kidney as a down payment.
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I am 99.99999% sure there isn't a Fiesta RS coming. Auto Express is the automotive equivalent of a tabloid. They seem to be very far off base on their stories.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what is coming next. Focus has a higher sell price, is in desperate need of being moved away from the Fiesta ST, the platform fits the 2.3L EB (see the Lincoln MKC SUV), platform supports AWD (however, many will say that it is too heavy and can't support huge power levels), and Ford takes the Focus RS MkII all over the place to show it off.
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yep, that would back up my thoughts on what is coming next ;)
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