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SoCal folks: anyone down for a GMR CRUISE 2/23/14?

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I'm housesitting in Glendora this weekend and I haven't yet taken the car up GMR.

I'd love to put together a CRUISE - note that word there - cruise - meaning this is not a 10/10ths go-as-fast-you-can run. If you want to do that, go do it with a different group - this is about getting out, enjoying the cars and the scenery and maybe getting to shoot a little lead-follow Fiesta footage with my GoPros (if you have one please bring it along!)
No street racing will be tolerated. Spirited driving is cool- outright racing isn't (let's save that for the track). :)

Let's meet up around 6:30 in Glendora at Donut Man, depart by 7, then heading up GMR from Glendora side, the cruising back down via east fork and ending at Legends on Rt 66 back in Glendora. going this early will allow us to avoid both the damn bicyclists who have no goddamn business riding up there and the five-oh. Of course, a stop at "The Spot" where Glendora Ridge Rd, East Fork and Glendora Mtn Road Converge is a must for photos.


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It doesn't seem like we will need much space. Dave
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