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As the title says, 4 Sport Edition A8 Wheels, with 195/55/15 General Altimax Arctic winter tires mounted, with TPMS sensors installed, and a TPMS tool. Bought these in 11/15 ran them for 3 winters until I traded in my ST in April. The tread depth tool shows them at ~9/32" depth, stock was 12/32" I figure I put approximately 12-15K miles on them over the 3 winters.

As far as shipping, I really don't want to ship these, but would be willing to drive a couple of hours to meet someone to sell them I live in Baltimore. They fit nicely in the back of the 2018 Focus ST3 that replaced the Fiesta.

I paid a little over 1000 for the set from Tire Rack, would like $600 but will entertain offers.

And some pics (Note these are dirty from last winter, didn't get a chance to clean them up before they came off last spring):

Let me know if you have any questions.
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