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Soon to be FiST owner in LA

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Hi. I'm Kyle, I live in LA, and I work at a place called Pelican Parts (which if you're a BMW or Porsche guy, you've probably heard of us). After meeting a couple guys from this board (McRib and D1JL I think?) at a Streets of Willow track day a few weeks ago that I attended with some coworkers, and seeing how much fun they were having, I was convinced that I needed one of these cars to replace my R50 Mini Cooper and my E39 525i Touring. The wife and I are in the process of divesting ourselves of our current cars and then we will be picking up an Ingot Silver, Rado Wheels, Recaro package equipped FiST in the next month or two. We can't wait! I look forward to getting to know you guys and these cars better.

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Dave, we went to Galpin for a test drive a couple weekends ago and didn't have a terribly positive experience. It may have been that particular salesman though and I didn't take it to be necessarily representative of Galpin as a whole. I think that we're going to try the whole thing. This will be our first new car and a coworker had a positive experience buying his Mazdaspeed 3 that way (he was at the track day too!).
Thanks bryramos for the heads up! That's really good to know. I'll request that info today.
Well guys, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a FiST. You all convinced me. It's a 2014 Ingot Silver car with Smoke Storm Recaros and Nav. Can't wait to get through all the break-in nonsense so I can really enjoy the car as intended. Also, can't wait to get to the track, maybe Buttonwillow in late June. I'll take some photos tomorrow.
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Thanks Dave! And thanks for your help and recommending Frank. Galpin didn't have what I was looking for but he was fantastic to deal with.
photo1 by Superstitious Hyperrealist, on Flickr

We managed to finish half of the recommended 1000 mile break-in period today. Fantastic little car.
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Yeah my South Bay experience was great. I dealt with Ryan Sheik there. He made it super easy. Plus, if I want service, it's kind of on my way to work which is nice.
koozy, yeah, it was the only Ingot Silver car there. Ingot Silver cars are kind of hard to find, apparently. There was one at Sunset Ford in Fontucky but they had some sketchy dealer installed dash wart alarm thingy and were generally horrible to deal with. Their F&I guy totally fit the cliche of being dishonest, and sleazy. Kyle, the F&I guy at South Bay was exactly the opposite. Super quick, efficient, and didn't try to sell me on any nonsense.
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