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Sparco EVO 2 (US) Seat

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I just bought a Sparco EVO 2 (US) seat with matching bottom-mount rails and hardware from Amazon. You gotta love Prime! :)

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For now, I'm just going to run a single seat. The car is already corner-weight balanced with me in the driver's seat, so it won't be too far off (though I get to go through this again when I change out my coilover setup, again!).

If this goes in nicely, I'll probably add a matching seat down the road. I'm jazzed about the weight savings here!

Also, my front Recaro and rear seats have been sold. Congrats, DBS! :)
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McRib 1s Back,
From DBS' photos, your seat mounts will be easy.
Send me photos of the new seat hardware.

Looks very good.

Great looking setup indeed! :)

Also, my Sparco-specific rails line up with the stock floor points just fine. I just need one more set of brackets. These are side mount only! No big deal. I'll have them in a couple days...
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This seat is awesome! I'm glad I went with the "US". I'm not a big guy, but I don't fit in the regular one at all. Seriously, that extra 1.5" makes a big difference (especially in the shoulders!).

"Planted" makes great universal side-mount brackets. I'm buying another set for my passenger, eventually. No need for the sliding adjuster rail on that side! ;)


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