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Sparco R600

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So I've been searching for a way to get stock Recaro's for my FiST with the base seats without any luck. After much thought I decided to go aftermarket. I'm a little overwhelmed by the airbag situation, but I'm hoping I can get it all sorted out. I'm only going to do the driver's seat first, and if it goes smoothly, I may attempt the passenger seat down the road.

I just ordered the Sparco R600, black with red stitching. I ordered the Sparco base and sliders as well. Has anyone successfully used a resistor for the factory seat airbag plug?

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Very nice looking seats, but I would be cautious of messing with the air bag system. With Gen II air bags, the seat has a sensor to determine the person's weight and uses that data for the air bags. There are also tensioners built into the side of the seat for the seat belt that need to be mounted properly to the aftermarket seat. I went down this path before on a car without side air bags and determined it just wasn't worth the risk to myself or my passenger. With removing the side air bags, be aware of the removal steps to avoid tripping the air bag fuses. I did that once and the repair bill was a few hundred dollars. I don't know what, if any, the consequences are if you get into an accident and the insurance company sees a major safety system tampered with.
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