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spark plugs for stage 3?

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Any recommendation s on spark plugs for cobb stage 3? Or are factory plugs fine?
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This isn't a thread about your opinions on the stages.
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NGK LTR1X-11 Iridium...ordered 8 to index...hopefully that is enough...and be nice...ha ha
Can you post a link? Not finding these
You're right. I was indicating that the logic behind changing plugs for the small increase in power you are getting with a marginal(none?) increase in boost is quite hilarious. Why in gods name would you need to change plugs for the most basic of upgrades? If you used the search button you would see the only people talking about changing plugs were the ones going to a "colder" plug which in itself is comical but I guess personal preference.
I assumed you meant stage 3 "tune" which is literally a tune of stock parts with other parts that their only function is increasing airflow into and out of the motor. More air means different plugs? Maybe if it was more boost....
Besides increasing flow into and out of the motor with a tune that utilizes the stock parts I dont see any mods out that would require different plugs except for the upgraded turbo.

I guess my assumption is that smart people learn what the function of parts are before giving away their money to waste on new ones and that some people would actually research things before posting questions that the answer is easily found for.
I WAS asking for a colder plug. And if its fo the most basic upgrades, then how do you explain the ford racing kit for the focus st? Just a tuner and colder plugs. Instant +90 torque. They wouldn't add the colder plugs for fun
Well there goes that idea. Never mind then
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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