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spark plugs for stage 3?

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Any recommendation s on spark plugs for cobb stage 3? Or are factory plugs fine?
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NGK LTR71X-11 Iridium...ordered 8 to index...hopefully that is enough...and be nice...ha ha
Stage 3 is kind of a joke imho. I feel stage 3 should be stage 1.5. It is not the same as different stages on other cars. The last car I was working on, the stage 3 was a complete upgrade with exhaust manifold, turbo, wastegate, steel braided lines, etc.

Fixing imperfections in the manufacturers design shouldnt be considered stages but maybe one or 1.5 stages. (FMIC, intake, exhaust, etc)
Are you a FiST owner? If so, start buyin' or continue cryin' don't think Ford was gonna build you a razecar, did you? The last time that happened, Ford built 200 road legal versions of a Group B rally car to comply with FIA homologation give me RS200 plz!
Pelotonracer2 posted a long time ago about modifying and indexing spark plugs...on another forum...I should get it
Can you post a link? Not finding these
Check Amazon
I WAS asking for a colder plug. And if its fo the most basic upgrades, then how do you explain the ford racing kit for the focus st? Just a tuner and colder plugs. Instant +90 torque. They wouldn't add the colder plugs for fun
NGK LTR71X-11....sorry, left out the 7
Different engine, different requirements.

Those have been proven to not fit and are causing issues. There is no colder plug available for the FiST.
Elaborate please...I wasn't aware the NGK spark plugs I bought, as a direct replacement for the oem plugs, don't fit and cause problems...that's weird
Well, I wonder why Amazon sells these as direct replacements...looks like I'll be returning these plugs
Yeah, just talked to technical support at NGK, "currently we have no products for the 2014 Fiesta ST"...Ok...back to square buying oem spark plugs to index and modify
1 - 8 of 22 Posts
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