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2016 FiST here, completely stock, 2 oil changes, at 10,500 miles air filter was swapped for high flow Mountune filter. Currently I'm at ~ 11,760 miles.

I developed this sped-up cricket-like noise whenever I press on the gas pedal. If I press harder it gets a bit louder but eventually as rpms go up engine noise overpowers it. When the car idles I almost don't hear it all, although if I rev it a little I can hear but not as much as when I'm driving in gear. When driving in gear and letting off the gas once the engine goes open loop the noise disappears the next instant. Also if I drive for a while (like 15-20 mins at least) that cricket-like noise is quitter than when I first start the car and drive. My research online for similar noise suggests that it could be anything from simple dashboard rattle to symposer and/or boost leaks, to even injectors issues. Anyone encountered anything like that, or maybe knows what could be an issue?
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