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ST Octane Academy (Should I go?? Need some opinions!!)

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This would literally be my one and only chance to go, so it's hard not to consider it...
I live on the east coast, so I'd have to fly (which I've never done before), and that can get expensive. I've managed to scrape enough money together for 2 round-trip tickets and a hotel room for my girlfriend and I, but she wouldn't be able to attend the event with me..
Then there's the fact that we'd both have to miss classes (we're college kids), take off work (if I'm even able to...), and find some way of getting around in Utah.

So, is the $800, skipping classes, having no airport experience, missing work, not having a reliable way of getting around there, and lack of sleep and/or jet lag worth it?? Man I'd love to have that badge for my Fiesta, learn the skills, and get the swag... but am I crazy for wanting to go?
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IMO, considering your situation it's not worth it to just go for just Octane Academy. If you make it a trip an adventure with other things to do in Utah other than OA, then it may be worth it. Also, not worth what their asking to for you to pay to have your girl friend attend OA. She'll be bored. They only thing she'll be able to participate in is lunch and the track ride along. Otherwise she'll just be tagging along with the group. Black badges show up on ebay. Not crazy for wanting to go.
the track stuff you learn there is similar to what you'd learn at other tracks. depending on where your hotel would be your girlfriend could explore. When I went I stayed in Salt Lake City, so there would be things to do and explored the area. If your hotel is by the track there's very little to explore and for miles. She could drop you off at the track on venture off with the rental if she wanted to.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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