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I'm wondering what the effect is of running a Cobb OTS 93 oct map for Stages 1-3 on a car with essentially stock hardware. After flashing both Stage 1 and Stage 2 Cobb OTS, with basically no h/w upgrades I am seeing the same charge and coolant temps.

Dyno numbers are relative to many factors. Source for these dyno numbers is

For comparisons sake (91 Octane):

Stage 0 (Stock)
H/W included:
None (Stock)

Stage 1 Cobb OTS map 91oct
187whp +2-3whp over Stock
248wtq +18wtq over Stock
H/W included:
Green drop in filter (thinner than stock, flows more air)
Cobb Rear Motor Mount (reduces wheel spin, better acceleration)

Stage 2 Cobb OTS map 91oct
211whp +24whp over Stage 1 +27whp over Stock
272wtq +24wtq over Stage 1 +40wtq over Stock
H/W included:
Cobb CAI (flows more air, colder charge temps)
Cobb IC (colder charge temps)
omit Cobb RMM (in Stage 1)

Stage 3 Cobb OTS map 91oct
217whp +6whp over Stage 2 +30whp over Stage 1 +33whp over Stock
287wtq +15wtq over Stage 2 +39wtq over Stage 1 +57wtq over Stock
H/W included:
Cobb Down Pipe HF Catted (flows more exhaust)
Cobb Cat-back Exhaust (flows more exhaust)

I ran Stage 1 and Stage 2 OTS maps and the Charge temps remain about the same. Stage 2 is not taxing the factory IC anymore than Stage 1.

Stage 2 OTS is a much bigger and noticeable jump in performance than Stage 1 from what I have gathered, so if $600 can be saved to avoid buying staged Cobb upgrades (CAI and FMIC in Stage 2) and put to better use on the DHM h/w (FMIC and DP) then I am sure I and many others would put their money to better use (an E-tune for 91/93/E30+, big turbo upgrade, etc).

Has anyone ran Cobb's Stage 2 on factory H/W and had their car on a dyno after? I'm thinking about doing this to see how close I am. Thoughts on performance differences and actual relationship to HW upgrades?
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