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Stock FIST Stuff!

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My race car project has resulted in the removal of pretty much everything! I've already sold my Recaro seats/matching interior parts, but have a few other bits that might be interesting:

- Complete navigation system and radio
- All airbags! Individually available, or buy the whole set!
- 4 x 16" black Sparco Gara Asetto (sp?) w/Dunlop Direzza DZII, 80% tread
- 4 x 15" black Sparco Gara Asetto (sp?) w/BFG R1, 80% "tread"

The wheels are the ones pretty common around here, and quite good for a track or street wheel. They have a few scratches, but nothing too bad (I might have gone off the track once or twice!). Seriously, they touch up fine -- and is a big part of my attraction to black wheels! They match the FiST nicely too!

Make me an offer. I really prefer to deal with Southern California, local pick-up. If I don't sell them after some time, I'll reconsider. :)
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I don't know what it takes to swap over a nav unit from a non nav unit, but it's a little more involved than just plugging in the SD card and swapping out the sync unit. Some of the Ford people around here have said it's not possible to swap to a nav unit when yours comes from the factory without it. That being said, nothing is impossible especially since the parts are made for the car, but it's a matter of how much stuff really needs to be swapped. Might be likely the wiring harnesses are completely different.

I suppose someone could be the guinea pig to find out what it does take to swap the nav unit in.
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