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stock tires rubbing in rear

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Never have had anyone in the back seats. Only weight ever in the back has been 4 un-mounted tires (so about 100lbs).

Rubbed a hole in the passenger side rear felt. Drivers side no evidence of contact.

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Is that a rub or a tear?

It kind of looks like something got kicked up between the wheel and the felt but I'm just looking at a picture.
Its a rub (that obviously resulted in the tear) prior to taking the picture I had reached in to manipulate the felt to get a better picture w/out needing to remove my wheel.
What size tires ?
It says stock tires, that's really weird
It says stock tires, that's really weird
Yup I just proved I can't read a title fer shoot !! My bad thanks for being patient with this old fart :)

That should not be doing that even at hiway speeds.. best get a warranty claim going .. Looked at mine and they are about a inch or so away and has me wondering about ice and crud build up in winter ... will keep a eye out for that ..
I had noticed and posted about a flat spot on the driver's side liner after installing 205/45R17 tires. It hasn't gotten any worse, but I'm not going to keep these tires on for long. Keep us posted on the outcome.
Damn...gonna have to check mine rockin 205/45/17. Was gonna get coilovers and lower a little...might have to get my 16" wheels sooner than I thought.
I just had the wheels off and checked the liners on both sides.

No rubs, no tears.

I've had four people + luggage in the car for a short trip, three-wheeled it in an autocross, a 1,000+ mile road trip, blast up and down curvy mountain roads and hit more potholes that I would like, 6,700 miles.

Any way, there must be something different with your car or something got stuck in there.
Rubbed a hole in the passenger side rear felt. Drivers side no evidence of contact.
I still have the stock tires and with the Eibach springs is considerably lower.
I push it fairly hard through the canyons and have no issues at all with rubbing.

You may have a bad spring.

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