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Stopped by Hoonigan last night - Ken Block

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Stopped by for a little party/get together last night.

Look what start button the GRC and Rally cars are using ;)

Running Mountune engines (I didnt want to be "that guy" and start digging through his engine bay)

Ping pong party! Ha

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Great pics! I need to get some detailed pictures of the cars from Brazil posted. I could not get many of the MSport Fiesta, but pretty much everything but the suspension was ok on the OlsbergsMSE cars.
There won't be anything from the GRC cars that will work on our cars. They use a 2.0L engine that is designed for racing only. Check out the interviews posted in the X Games thread to hear Tanner, Ken, and Andreas talk about the cars. Only the body shell is similiar to the street car. Even that has been highly modified. Comparing the GRC Fiesta to the street car is pretty close to comparing a Ferrari F1 car to the Enzo. You know they are both Ferrari's, but that is about where the similarities end. I was really amazed at how vastly modified the body shells were on the GRC cars. The engine and suspensions are very exotic.
Correct, Bl0ck's car is the only GRC Fiesta based on a stage rally car. The OlsbergsMSE cars are all designed to be RX cars and not stage rally cars. There is still a huge difference between the Fiesta RS WRC 1.6L and the engine that is in the street car. When it comes to WRC spec or GRC spec cars, don't plan on anything working for a street car. These are highly engineered and dedicated race cars. 99.9999% of race car parts don't work on the street. I thought that the Fiesta R2 would have engine parts that would carry over well to the street car. After talking with the guys at Team O'Neil, I realize now that those cars produce very little power below 4000 RPM. That would mean any R2 parts on your street car would actually take performance away in the rev band you would be operating in for commuting. Trying to make a street car into a race car that still drives on the street sucks. I have done it a few times and there is too much compromise.
I wish I could have got pictures of Block's MSport GRC car, but it was always nosed into the garage and full of people working on it. I swear that thing was rebuilt after every practice session.
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