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Stopped by Hoonigan last night - Ken Block

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Stopped by for a little party/get together last night.

Look what start button the GRC and Rally cars are using ;)

Running Mountune engines (I didnt want to be "that guy" and start digging through his engine bay)

Ping pong party! Ha

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Yeah I want to see the intake manifolds they are running and if they are something we can end up running as well.
derp. i thought i could make my car just like theirs! I want a refund. :(

I know its a 2.0. But, he also runs the correct 1.6 in the actual rally car with the correct engine layout. many engine components are swappable. Specifically the intake mani..thats why I wanted to see it.
^^ those grc cars are still based off the old Cossie Escort drive train. Msports WRC car seems to be running the OE intake mani still (early cars did atleast). It seems they have moved onto something else. That will be a bolt on part. Just like the cosworth "race only" intake mani's fit the 2.0 & 2.3 duractec foci and with great results.

This car will be run over 11,000' passes and at miller. It will need all that extra capacity.

I'll have my inlaw bring me the print msport catalog, as he just bought 4 R2's and will be overseas at their shop soon.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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