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SVTF and FiST comparison

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I have been lucky enough to have owned a SVTF, not one but two of them. I'd raced both, and daily used both. Here is my breakdown between the differences with the SVTF and the FiST.

First the interior.
The fiesta is smaller, and you won't be able to fit as much in the back also. The focus is just plainly a bigger car with more room. The roof on the fiesta is raked back more therefor making things that are taller harder to fit in then my focus. With the higher roof, and seats that laid flat, the focus was was definitely the better of the two for hauling.

The seats, well the recaros are hard to better... And the focus doesn't. I did love the design of the red and black seats, but I also felt the quality of the leather was never that fantastic, and worlds worse then the fiestas. IMO. There was much more room in the back seats, and more leg room in the focus.

The shifter on the focus I happened to think is alittle bit crisper, but the shift nob on the fiesta happens to fit in my hand better, just feels better. I did enjoy the design of the focuses nob more tho. Both are above par.

The pedals in both are fantastic and are spaced great for heal toe down shifting.

I only had the standard stereo in both focuses, and I happen to really enjoy the sound system In the fiesta. Compared to the standard SVTF sound system, the fiestas is plainly crisper and actually has bass.

The exterior.
Well that's something I don't believe I really need to get into since it's up to anyone to really see the differences. I like the fiesta st, but I do think I enjoy the design of the SVTF more, and I'm still absolutely infatuated with the SVTF's five spoke wheels. Perfection.

The engine
Now there's a big difference in this aspect, as you all might know. The SVTF is happy to rev and it needs to. The focus was never huge on torque, and it felt pretty dead below 4 grand. I did get a re-flash for the ecu and it sure did awaken it a lot but all in all the ST's engine is just a torque monster. There's more power at any rpm compared to the SVTF but It does have lag, not much, but it's still not as instant as a NA. If the engine in the ST was in the focus it would have been near perfect in my opinion.

The handling
The focus and fiesta are amazing fwd sports cars. They both handle amazing. The focus and st both are set up to oversteer easily when needed to get the car to rotate around sharp turns. But the focus steps out quicker and more then the fiesta. The ride is a lot stiffer In The ST and plainly just harsher. But the fantastic recaros seem to suck up some of the harshness in the ST. You can go a quicker pace easier with the ST also. The fiesta is better planted, and has a ridiculous amount of traction, and the addition of the system that breaks the inside front tire along sharp turns is fantastic. You can really feel the car rotating with out the need to let off the throttle or introducing left foot braking to do so, something you would have had to do in the focus. I feel as if the St has more front end bight too.

The brakes
IMO both cars bakes are fantastic. The fiestas seem kind of grabby, but that might be because of how new the car is. I do feel as if the fiesta has a better feel through the pedals and has more breaking power.

Well, that was lengthy as hell now wasn't it! Got any questions, I know I left something out!

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I agree with your comments above. I was planning on doing a Fiesta ST/Focus SVT comparison this summer, but my dad's (was mine) SVT Focus is stuck in the back of his garage. Too many cars need to get moved to get it out of storage. Both cars are nothing short of amazing.
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Great write up thanks!

I hope to get a chance to test a Fiesta ST soon, although I won't be buying unless they bring us a three door or one with a see through drivers side B-pillar.

I love my SVT and it's rev happy 2.0 but it is getting old and I'd love the added power besides the fact that my son will be 16 next year and he's dying to get his hands on my SVT.

Please Ford, bring the three door Fiesta, I know you're reading this.

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