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Swapping Factory NAV to factory none nave HU, been done, or other way around?

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Since we use our phones and now have a FireHDX we can use for NAV we really do not need the factory NAV so I am considering swapping with somebody that wants NAV, hopefully pretty much plug and play, anybody done a swap, either way around?


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I've been reading the Shop manual... and from what I can tell, the software itself may be swappable by means of the APIM unit (this is what the sync is loaded to... think of it as the hard drive (?). I am willing to test this out if someone with Nav wants to mail over their APIM and SD card.

I am thinking of stopping by the dealer on Monday since there is some sort of vehicle service action needed according to my VHR and asking them about flashing the APIM to a nav version of sync. The Dealer is able to flash the APIM using the... OASIS (on-line automotive service information system). If a FiST came in to them and had issues with the APIM, they would try flashing it first. Otherwise, order a new one and install the software if it did not come with it. So if the dealer can't flash it, then I will try to find out the part number for the stupid APIM.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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