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Swapping Factory NAV to factory none nave HU, been done, or other way around?

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Since we use our phones and now have a FireHDX we can use for NAV we really do not need the factory NAV so I am considering swapping with somebody that wants NAV, hopefully pretty much plug and play, anybody done a swap, either way around?


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Everything is in the player/brain module except display and antenna's including maps I am sure as it would not make sense to load the maps someplace else. Just have to take out the antenna for GPS (and Sat radio if donor car does not have one)
I forgot, I believe you are correct, maybe just swap the SC card.

I hope they were not stupid with this as well, blocking a review camera, does not play DVD, if the SD is locked to the car somehow that would be quite maddening to say the least.
Thanks for testing and letting me know.

If I pull my card and put in another car with NAV and it works then that would tell me the car is not married to the car at least.

It still might not work with a none NAV car swapped but I imagine it should.

Another idea, the dealer could probably flash that as there are those that might buy a car and have the NAV installed at the dealer;)

I will call a but in service at the dealer in town and see what he can find out for me.

Thanks again!
I heard the HU was NAV ready, they might have to just install the antenna unless integrated in the HU.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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