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Swiss cheesed my OE airbox today

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Simple 20 min mod.

We used to do this on old MK1 GTi's back in the day as "cold air intakes" didnt exist. Install a higher flow panel filter and open up the airbox some.

After looking at the OE box and washing the car a bunch, I noticed the side near the headlamp doesnt ever really get hit by water. All I was really looking for is a little more intake noise and *hopefully* a little more airflow from a point that is furthest away from the engines heat.

You can definately hear the turbo sounds now as well as some more induction noise. Haven't driven enough to determine if there were any other differences as quicker spool or more responsive throttle. But, it was FREE :)

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I did the same thing except i cut the bottom out. Essentially the same thing as the mountune box. Same plenum volume and location of secondary air intake point.
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