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Synch works great!

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Seriously, it's not perfect but I feel it works great. It ties into my faithful i-phone 4 and functions fine. The NAV seems fine, the weather and other Sirius stuff works great too. The little compass is cool.

I just posted this so anyone reading here could see some of us think it's all it should be.

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I feel the same. This is my 3rd car with Sync and it works great with my iPhone(s).
The version in the ST is the best yet.
Since you mention it....

I would really like the steering wheel << and >> buttons to mimic what they do on the radio panel (during FM function at least). Currently they only go between presets when pressed short or do some sort of seek that doesn't work right if I hold them down. Is there any way this could be set in a menu option setting?
What is it actually supposed to do when held? If I let go sometime it goes back to the station I was on.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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