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My friend and I are looking at getting a Fiesta ST soon and I found the perfect one. A loaded Performance Blue one with Recaros. We both drove it earlier in the day and loved it so we took our friend back to look at it and my friend was like we should take him for a ride. So he asked the guy and he was like just make it quick. We literally went about a half mile and came back. We were in the last Michigan turn around right before the dealer lot and we were sitting at the red light waiting to turn left for the dealer when out of nowhere, we get hit from behind by a Toyota Camry. The driver was Chinese and literally could barely speak English and says that his brakes didn't work. The police came and did a report and no one was hurt but it was crazy. I'm glad it had the Recaros because the support made it so much easier to take the impact. I'll post pictures in a few.
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