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The brake dust is INSIDIOUS...

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The front door jamb. The leading edge of the rear door. The rear of the rear door opening. The exterior of the rear hatch. The sticky margin of the paint protection film on the rear door opening (that stuff isn't coming off). Unless you track your car the first thing I'd suggest to a new owner is to swap the pads out. We got the gray wheels after reading about this, but man, this stuff gets everywhere.

EDIT: oh, I see. There are no other street only front pads available :(
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FYI Ford is redesigning the front brake pads for some unknown reason but dust could be it. The pads are now unavailable and should be here in a month or two.
I have Porterfield R4S pads on my car now but they require a lot more pressure and travel to get the same braking force as stock (they are slightly better if you mash it). They have much less brake dust which is good however I plan on going back to stock as soon as I can get a set.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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