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The FiST Front-mount Intercooler

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Watching the gauges for charge air temp, ambient, and IAT seem to point to an adequately sized intercooler. I hope this holds up as the weather gets warmer, too. FWIW, we've had a couple days around 80 deg F, and there isn't any evidence of heat soaking the IC. This might be the first stock turbo car I've ever owned that enjoys this!

If you watch the various dyno videos, you'll see very consistent runs. The guys at Edmund's also pointed this out. Almost every car faces a heat issue on the dyno, so this is very encouraging. It bodes well for track days in the summer!

That aside, I could see a bigger intercooler, but it's not a priority for me now. For those that have it, do you have instrumented changes for before and after?
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The allotted space in the Fiesta is tight for an uprated intercooler. Anything larger (taller) would compromise the cooling system (cooling package) by blocking airflow to the radiator thereby increasing the coolant temps. Once that happens the timing is pulled and the performance suffers dramatically. Trust me when I tell you we have tested just about every configuration possible on the car coupled with all of the OE data we have access to and this is the best solution up to 230-250bhp. The stock Fiesta intercooler is about the same size as the stock Focus ST and that power unit produces significantly more power than the 1.6L. So the stock overall size is not too bad for the 1.6L Our core is tube and fine and the intercooler core has been increased in surface area and the end tanks have been reduced to allow the unit to package correctly. This then increases the cooling efficiency of the total package compared to that of the OEM unit. No drill installation. We also have an uprated intercooler pipe set coming next month. It's designed to have about a 2kPa pressure drop. The perfect complement to our MR 23(?) upgrade. It will be interesting to see the data at the track next weekend.
I know this is old Ken, but... What did you find with the intercooler piping upgraded at the track?

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