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The LAST EVER (for now) Cars and Coffee Irvine is on Dec. 27th. We're crashing it!

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Join us on the 27th for the LAST Cars and Coffee in Irvine - the one and original!

C&C Irvine is being shut down due to noise complaints from The Irvine Company.

We'll show up SUPER early (think 4am or so). The reason is twofold - We expect a huge turnout, and the organizers have an unnatural hatred for 4-door cars or cars newer than 2000. We need to park before they show up.

Details to come soon!
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Yeah... I was making the trek down for awhile and felt I was seeing the same cars week after week, so I stopped. Once in awhile something rare shows up, but not worth the drive down from LA. Supercarsunday is closer and is "like" C&C without the lot rule.
And way better drive to Supercar Sunday, via PCH / Topanga. If i can put twisties in a route, i do.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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